Sunday, March 1, 2009

More potatos

Speaking of potato peeling, I couldn't sleep the other night so I turned on the TV and saw an infomercial for this:

That's the British version, because I couldn't find the American one, but it's the same product and the same demonstrations. If I tried to peel a potato (or whatever) back and forth like that, I'd slice my finger off. Who thought that was a good idea?

I do need a peeler though. I couldn't find one the other day for my dad's birthday dinner so I had to use a pairing knife. I peel at about the rate of 1 potato every 3 minutes. My 4 year-old niece asked if she could help, and when I told her she couldn't she insisted that she's good with knives. Good with knives? At 4?

While I was imagining her as the knife specialist for some secret pre-school ninja clan, my mom showed up and took over the peeling duty. She peels much faster. I must have bad hand-eye-knife-potato coordination.

I need to get some writing done now. I promise I'll move past the potato thing in my next post. :p


Looyleee said...

I will send you one thats easier than this one to use.

J. Christopher Baggett said...

This is really a blessing. I, for one, am constantly running over my vegetable peelers, and am troubled with having to buy new ones.

What's this? I can julienne wood blocks too? Thank God, they burn so much easier.

Infomercials are retarded.

Carrie Harris said...

But the good news about that peeler is that you can also use it to defend yourself from home invasion.

LauraBlue said...

Thanks, Lee. lol Chris and Carrie, I thought the same things. What are people doing with their peelers that they need to be so durable?