Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Early birthday

A couple things: I saw Watchmen. I figured it would be just another comic book movie, maybe some cool stuff, but nothing all that new. It could have been a tad shorter; that aside, I really liked it. Dr. Manhattan's storyline was my favorite, but I don't want to spoil anything. It's not a movie for little kids though; it gets pretty graphic in a few different ways--which I also could have done without, but it didn't hurt the overall story for me. I highly recommend it. For grownups.

The Ichumon work has started, and it's sunk in now. It's just enough extra work to keep me busy without driving me insane. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far, and I'm still bouncy over being hired. :)

Annnnd the best news is that my parents gave me a car as an early birthday gift! It's used, but really, really nice. My old car wasn't horrible, but it had quite a few things wrong with it. The battery kept dying (always when I absoulutely needed to be somehwere too), and it wasn't an automatic, which I never quite got used to. I could drive it, but I didn't like it. Anyway, they found someone to buy that, bought the new one and then fixed it up themselves. My dad is good with cars, and my mom works for a company that sells autoparts, so their powers combined to turn a pretty good car into a great car. I love it! So needless to say, I'm extra super bouncy today.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Very exciting!

I got hired as a staff writer on Ichumon! I found out last night, so I've been happy, bouncy girl all day. :) I don't think it has totally sunk in yet. Maybe when the work starts. I have to get MSN though. I've been saying I should for like 3 years now, so I guess it was only matter of time.

I've been slowly chipping away at the new manuscript. Up to 17,661 words. I think I'm gong to toss most of the first chapter though. I always have a hard time with those. I don't even want to think about how many times I rewrote the first chapter for Shades Of Blue. But I'm happy with how it came out, so I suppose it was worth the effort.

Also, I saw this today and thought it was cute:

It's like a popple!

Does anybody even know what a popple is? Those stuffed animals that turn into a ball? I think I'm dating myself here...

Anyway, how do you think they trained the cat to do that? If I told a cat to do that I would expect it to claw me and run away. o_o

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More potatos

Speaking of potato peeling, I couldn't sleep the other night so I turned on the TV and saw an infomercial for this:

That's the British version, because I couldn't find the American one, but it's the same product and the same demonstrations. If I tried to peel a potato (or whatever) back and forth like that, I'd slice my finger off. Who thought that was a good idea?

I do need a peeler though. I couldn't find one the other day for my dad's birthday dinner so I had to use a pairing knife. I peel at about the rate of 1 potato every 3 minutes. My 4 year-old niece asked if she could help, and when I told her she couldn't she insisted that she's good with knives. Good with knives? At 4?

While I was imagining her as the knife specialist for some secret pre-school ninja clan, my mom showed up and took over the peeling duty. She peels much faster. I must have bad hand-eye-knife-potato coordination.

I need to get some writing done now. I promise I'll move past the potato thing in my next post. :p