Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stress Relievers: #3

As we're learning, "tomorrow" is a subjective term for me. *giggle* I'll post #3 now and make a solemn vow that tomorrow (the real tomorrow this time) #2 will be here. On my honor!

An update for Shades of Blue: I have more editing to do. This time I'm outlining the revisions so Jen and I can discuss them before I actually change anything. So far it's proving to be a lot easier than the usual way I edit which is to read the entire story from start to finish, rewording, tinkering, and fiddling the whole time. I swear, no matter how many times I've written a sentence, I can always see a way to make it better the next time I read it. OCD much?

Onward to stress reliever #3!

#3 - Being pampered

Going to a spa, salon, masseuse, or nail place (a better name for this is escaping me at the moment) can be a great way to forget your worries. Stress is knocked out two ways: One, by distracting and relaxing you while you're being pampered; two, by making you look and feel better after you leave, so it's easier to get perspective. Who wants to pull their hair out and risk breaking a nail when they've just gotten all prettied up? (Not my most feminist moment, I admit.)

Can be costly and may seem wasteful in hindsight.

Unless you are very self-confident, having strangers touching all up on you--rubbing your mostly naked body, scratching the dry skin off your heels, wrapping you in weird mud-slash-seaweed mixtures--can make you very uncomfortable at times. (And when they push down my cuticles and snip off the skin with those metal clippers? BLEH! It just squicks me right the heck out. *shiver*)

Bad haircuts are not your friend.

Can chew up a lot of your day. Bad for deadlines.

Tomorrow, #2. For really reals this time. XD


Carrie Harris said...

I'm going to get a haircut today... let's hope that it's not horrible. ;)

My word verification was "unicrow" which does not bode well.

LauraBlue said...

XD "unicrow", huh? *tries to picture that* Would it be like a unicorn-crow hybrid or a maybe unibrow that resembles a crow? I get "bleatr" -_- I think it's trying to tell me something.