Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stress Relievers: #4

Update: I can speak again! Woo! Still sick though. This may be a different type of germ actually. Man, I hate this time of year. The germ-y part anyway. And continuing with the stress relievers...

#4 - Going out with friends and/or significant other and/or un-significant but fun-to-hang-out-with other(s):

Laughter. Fun. Happiness. Adventure. Opportunity to wear your cutest outfits and shoes, and to try new hairstyles. Possibility of meeting new friends, significant, or un-significant other(s).


$6 - $10 for a watered down drink x whatever number of drinks your personal demons allow + the cost of whatever other activity you chose to do = too much money. Or any variation of this formula, such as a quiet dinner and $7 - $11 dollar movie + drinks, popcorn, etc. This is especially true when part of your stress is money related to begin with.

Can be exhausting, and cute outfits/shoes/hairstyles may become uncomfortable after a few hours.

High possibility of things not going well i.e. not liking your date, who asks you the same question 97 times throughout the evening and pretends he's paying attention each time you answer only to ask again 5 minutes later, while making an awkward move to put his arm around you; stares at the waitress (or waiter) a bit too often and conveniently knocks utensils to the ground to watch said waitperson pick them up; or ending up in jail because your friend thought it would be hi-larious to moon everybody at the bus stop, only to have the officer who saw it disagree (particularly bad if you and your friend have similar butts).

Tomorrow, #3


Carrie Harris said...

I dated that guy. You dated him too!?!?

LauraBlue said...

Ohemgee we totally dated the same guy! Was yours named Ethan? Worst. Date. EVER! lol